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Mryna Qhalic

Mryna Qhalic was born on Bricera, the daughter of rich industrialist Luhyiun Qhalic. Her father was one of the board members of Phoenix DIP, the largest weapons-producing company throughout the known territory. She spent the first seventeen years of her life in the luxury of a mansion.

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Vince Trageton

Vince was raised at the beautiful coasts of Cophuran as son of a Cophuranee Senator. At the age of ten he decides to join the Cha'Lynh academy, a decision not rare among the Cophuranee populaion. With 17 years he graduates as a Cha'Lynh Warrior and joins the Cophuranee special forces.

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Shiromy Vaylon

Born in within the Chedalonian Civil War as daughter of a General in the Chedalonian royal Forces Shiromy grew up in a time of violence. Eventhough her parents tried to keep her out she very well whitnessed the events around her. And so she learned about the rebellion against the Chedalonian.

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Sara Phaley

Born on Cophuran Sara was 10, when the Dhilani attacked. This left a deep scar in her soul and like many other cophuranee she never spoke of the crisis at all for a long time. Years later Sara, now a young officer in the UPMF Navy, served as first mate on one of the mighty battle stations orbiting Bricera.

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Tarlon Cervis

Tarlon was born in Tryclon City on Bricera as second son of a merchant, With 16 he visits the Briceran fleet academy and gets a position as second lieutenant on a small patroll ship at the age of 20. A few years later he is promoted Captain and is given his first command over a ship.

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Tyleea was a young priestess in the order of Ydaa, when her home planet Reylan was invaded by the Dhilani. Thanks to her great prowess and skill in the dark magic of her order she was able to escape the enslavement of her people and wipe her tracks.

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