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Darron Larcoon

Darron Larcoon was born into a family with a long history of game-keeping, his father worked on the Traquia reserve, a vast expense of protected ocean several kilometres from Traquia city. Larcoon spent much of his early life underwater, attending an underwater school in the city itself. Larcoon was a quiet, hard-working boy who acheived very high grades at school through a combination of intelligence and intensely hard work. Darron considered everything very carefully before making a decision, but he was by no means slow. Decisive and focused, Darron showed many traits that would someday make him a great starfighter pilot. At high school, Darron went to a well-renowned boarding school in Cophris City, returning to the reserve over the holidays where he helped out in the running of things, piloting a small underwater vessel, for which he quickly gained an affinity.

Whilst accompanying a shipment of creatures to be relocated on a colony world, the freighter on which they were travelling came under attack form pirates. The Cophuran Fighter Corps came to the rescue though, and young Darron watched the brief space battle from a viewscreen, and became determined to join the Corps. At the age of 17, he left the Traquia reserve and signed up with Hunter squadron.