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Jarris Vaylon

Bricera's youngest overlord had a hard time growing into his position after witnessing the murder on his family on the day he had finished his Cha'Lynh training. Lusting to gain controll over the Hedrec system the Khisar clan ruling the planet Torlax had done a sudden and assault against the Briceran head family. Enraged by this act of violence Jarres took revenge and led a short but brutal crusade against Torlax, finally conquering it.

After several years of peace between the three big families of Bricera, Sinix and Cophuran, Jarris arranged a meeting in order to form an alliance between them. With the signing of the Treaty of Hedrec, the core of the United Planets was founded.

When Chedalon joined the alliance, Jarris finally met Shiromy Vaylon who would become his future life partner. Within the following years the United Planets grew bigger and stronger and enjoyed a time of peace.

The peace was over, when the Dhilani attacked Bricera. In the course of events Jarris, who had become a pacifistic idealist turned into a revengeful warlord, whose only goal was to wipe out the entire Dhilani race.