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Mryna Qhalic

Mryna Qhalic was born on Bricera, the daughter of rich industrialist Luhyiun Qhalic. Her father was one of the board members of Phoenix DIP, the largest weapons-producing company throughout the known territory. She spent the first seventeen years of her life in the luxury of a mansion outside Bricera City, overlooking the sea. Intelligent and inquisitive she discovered a great talent for all things mechanical, tinkering with various things around the house. Despite her intelligence, she struggled at school, not through finding the concepts difficult but because she quickly lost interest in her work. After only three years of normal schooling, Mryna was pulled out and given home tutoring in a specially built classroom that catered for her interests. Her intellignece soon became apparent once the question of boredom was settled.

As a reward for doing so well, Luhyiun gave her an old airspeeder to tinker with and practice. Myrna revelled in it, displaying extreme talent behind the stick, as well as under the engine-cover. After six years of practice, Mryna had made up her mind: she wanted to fly starfighters, a decision that came much to the chagrin of her father. But Luhyiun understood that his daughter would never be content if she could not follow her dream, and consented. Mryna stormed through training, rapidly becoming top in her class, both in piloting and engineering. Unfortunately, she was passed over an initial high ranking position based on her theory test scores, during which she had lost concentration, a dangerous hallmark that was to haunt her flying career. Fearing that this incident might destroy her career, Luhyun let his connections play. For a generous discount on the latest starfighter weapons technology Qhalic arranged a deal with Cophuranee senator Victor Trageton that would grant Mryna a position as pilot in the Cophuranee starfighter squadron Hunter, hose commander was - by convenience - Senator Trageton's son Vince.

Although fighting for a people that was not her own, Mryna swore allegiance to the Cophuranee and followed her commander into their missions with esceptional skill, enthusiasm and unbendable loyalty. It was not least her credit that soon Hunter squadron was re-organized into a special forces team.

This loyalty was put to its first great test when Cophuran was invaded by an unknown race of aggressors, later known as the Dhilani. As if it was her own family she fought and struggled to protect the world of Cophuran. She knew: if Cophuran - the world of warriors - fell, it wouldn't take long until other worlds - even her home planet Bricera - would follow. With passion she volunteered for one of the most dangerous missions in her life, entering the Dhilani flagship Leviathan, to destroy it from the inside - so fixed on the task at hand that she would not realize that this was a desperate last-ditch effort by the Cophuranee government - and a suicide mission. Even when only she, Vince and their squadmate Darron Larcoon were left aboard the Dhilani flagship, even when Vince was captured by Dhilani troops, would he not give up. Believing in Vince's skill and his unbreakable will to survive they held out, hidden, in the hangar, until he returned. And indeed he did. Signaling the two to launch immediately he took over control over a dhilani fighter and the three escaped the flagship.

Although they hadn't been able to destroy the Leviathan, something Vince had done during his capture had motivated the entire Dhilani strike force to follow him, weapons blazing with crimson fire. Unwilling to let the Dhilani kill their comrad - and commander, Mryna and Darron followed Vince and helped him get rid of the pursuing fighters. Eventualy Vince would order them to split up, he would lead them away from Cophuran. Moments later he was gone into hyperspace, with the Dhilani in hot pursuit.

Returning to Cophuran Mryna and Darron learned some shocking news: Not only had their entire squadron been officially reported MIA or KIA, further had the government declared that the entire incident had never happened, building up a net of lies around all the events that had taken place in the past days, all to preserve their reputation as glorious warriors.

No longer existing in the eyes of the government Mryna and Darron left Cophuran. Returningg to Bricera Mryna joined the local starfighter corps, while Darron was stationed with a small patrol fleet near the borders between Torlacian and Briceran Territory. A few years later Mryna and Darron would meet again, when the family war betweent he Briceran Vaylon family and the Torlacian Khisar clan reached a critical phase and both were stationed on the crucial border outpost near the neutral planet of Hedrec.

Times were hard for the Briceran government as the family war between them and the enemy Khisar Clan of Torlax left deep scars on both sides. Finally Darron and Mryna were re-united when their two squadrons - decimated by countless skirmishes - were consolidated into one squadron that would rise from the ashes of the two, Phoenix. Mastering even the most difficult tasks, they soon were recognized by the Briceran Overlord and were pulled off the border to be stationend aboard the Briceran flagship, Phoenix Cruiser Glory. Happy about his daughter finally returning from the borders, Mryna's father made her a very special birthday present: A brand new BRX-750 Combat Yacht, going by the name 'Black Scorpion'. Finally Mryna had a ship of her very own to fiddle and tweak with. Doing so, through time Mryna installed numerous upgrades to the ship making it a truly unique vessel. Meanwhile, with the growing reputation of her Squadron however the types of missions changed as well - and not to the positive. It wasn't the challenge of the mission being too great or too minor, but the character. Never would Mryna have thought she'd ever do assassination jobs.

Luckily with the end of the war the missions they were trusted with would change back to 'normal' and for a while life bacame rather pleasant.

Times became more interesting when Vince Trageton came back out of nowhere as it seemed and joined the Briceran Forces. Soon the three wingmates would be united again, as Mryna and Darron were offered the chance to join the new elite fighter squadron Phantom, a personal request by squadron Commander Trageton. Although far more interesting than the missions they had flown before, in these times of relative peace offered no real challenge for the pilots.

Things changed rapidly and rather dramatically, when the Dhilani returned and claimed to take over Bricera.....