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Sara Phaley

Sara Phaley was born on Cophuran. She was 10, when the Dhilani attacked and tried to take over Cophuran. This event left a deep scar in her soul and like many other cophuranee she never spoke of the crisis at all for a long 12 years. After the foundation of the United Planets Sara, now a young officer in the UPMF Navy, was transferred to Bridesta 1, one of the mighty Diamond-class battle stations orbiting the planet Bricera. Although in most ways boring, it was a comfortable position.

Through the years, she made it to chief tactical officer on the station and became the right hand of General Ty Montarin. The memories of her past returned every now and then. When the Dhilani arrived at Bricera it was Sara to first see and recognize them. Brutally confronted with her childhood fear she seemed to fall into a dark and endless nightmare. It was due to the success of General Vince Trageton's plans that she slowly realised that this menace was all but unbreakable.

Within the course of events she revealed to have a great talent for tactics and was soon given her own command.