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Shiromy Vaylon

Born within the Chedalonian Civil War as daughter of a General in the Chedalonian royal Forces Shiromy grew up in a time of violence. Eventhough her parents tried to keep her out she very well whitnessed the events around her. And so she learned about the rebellion against the Chedalonian dictatorship and about their reasons and ideals.

At the age of 9 she ran away and seeked refuge with one of the neutral Cha'Lynh orders, who adopted her among them. Within the following years Shiromy grew up and trained in the honorable ways of the Cha'Lynh and finally became a Cha'Lenh Blade Mastress.

When Shiromy was 17, royal troops invaded the Cha'Lynh temple and executed Shiromy's mentor, Thalic under the reproach of being an agent of the Chedalonian rebels. That was the point for Shiromy to join a side. She left the Cha'Lynh and joined the freedom fighters in the deep jungles of the eastern continent.

After 4 years of struggling the Chedalonian government surrendered and Chedalon was freed. During the following process of building up a new democratic government Shiromy worked as bodyguard for one of the new senators. Accompanying him on his journeys she one day came to Bricera and met the young overlord Jarris Vaylon. From the first moment they both were attracted to each other and when Jarris offered her a position as his personal bodyguard she was most pleased to accept.

Two years later they both married and Shiromy became the First Lady of Bricera. Her life now went in much more peaceful ways, but her passion for combat lasted. When the Dhilani attacked Bricea, the fire in her started to burn again.