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Tarlon Cervis

Tarlon was born in Tryclon City on Bricera as second son of a merchant, With 16 he visits the Briceran fleet academy and gets a position as second lieutenant on a small patroll ship at the age of 20. A few years later he is promoted Captain and is given his first command over a ship. When Overlord Sorrin Vaylon's ship is under attack by terrorists and has already taken damage, his ship arrives just in time to fight the opponents back. This brave action brings him great honor and command of a small task force during the Battle of Haerolon. Leading the Briceran forces to victory he is promoted youngest Admiral in Briceran history at the age of 30.

During the following years he gains more and more responsibility within the Briceran Fleet ranks. At the time of the foundation of the United Planets, Tarlon is given the title of a UPMF Supreme Commander.

His steep career comes to a sudden stop during the Battle for Bricera, when he is killed by Khetarian spies, while trying to prevent them from kidnapping Lady Shiromy Vaylon.