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Vince Trageton

Vince Trageton

Vince was raised at the beautiful coasts of Cophuran as son of a Cophuranee Senator. At the age of ten he decides to join the Cha'Lynh academy, a decision not rare among the Cophuranee populaion. With 17 years he graduates as a Cha'Lynh Warrior and joins the Cophuranee special forces.

Enraged by this action of infamy Pharas chased Vince across the galaxy, obsessed to kill him. It must have been irony that this made Pharas forget about Cophuraan and what made Vince a celebrated hero as savior of the planet.

After two years of running and hiding Vince finally manages to loose Pharas and settles down on the planet Khall, where he has a short but very intense relationship with a mysterious woman caled Tyleea. This relationship ended abruptly when Tyleea disappeared one day without a trace.

Turning his back on the past, Vince decides to start over again and applies for the UPMF starfighter corps on Bricera. In the following years his exelent skills as a pilot and his tactical experience bring him up to becoming the commander of elite squadron Phantom.

With 33 years he starts thinking of applying for a calmer position in the fleet. But then all of a sudden his past comes back to him, when the Dhilani attack Bricera.

Due to his past and the fact that the whole Dhilani incident on Cophuran has been rewritten for the planets' glorious history, Vince is the only one with experience and knowledge about the Dhilani and the courage to stand up against them. This fact along with his tactical skills finally make him UPMF Supreme Commander, a position that he had paid high for as it was due to the death of his mentor and friend, Admiral Tarlon Cervis.