General questions:

What is it?
First of all: It's NOT Star Wars
The TBP-Project is my first attempt to put a story I'm writing, called 'The Blue Phantom' into a game. At this point of time it is a fan made custom mod or total conversion for LucasArts' X-Wing AllianceTM. This project features new characters, ships, missions and a new story. On the other side, along with the project evolving, I also develop advance the course of the story.

Not Star Wars? But I keep reading things like MGLT, SBD and other Star Wars Units
That's true. After all, I am using a Star Wars game as base for the project. And so, in order to give you, as you may have played this game, a feeling of the dimensions, I keep using the units provided in the game. I might change the units in the process of project completion - if the game engine allows it.

When will it be released?
There's no release date set yet.

Where did your ideas for the ships come from?
Oh dear ...
Most of the ships are based on sketches and comic strips I drew/painted in the past, while developing the story. A few just came 'accidently' when I was playing around in Rhino or looked at some clouds :o

Campaign-related questions:

How many missions will there be?

The entire campaign will feature at least 7 chapters with 6 to 7 missions each, so there'll be a total of around 46 missions.
Update: The originally second campaign, evolvnig around Lady Shiromy Vaylon, has been separated from the main campaign and will be released as a bonus add-on.

Which role will you play in the campaign?
In fact you will take on the role of several characters. The first four chapters will introduce the main characters, while you'll play each in one battle. Also, the first four battles will make you familiar with several elements of the story you will encounter later. In the last two campaigns you will play as a starfighter Pilot called Meryna Qalhic.

Will we get to face imperial or rebel enemies? Or someone totally different?
Neither Imperials nor Rebels. Although the main enemy will be the Dhilani Forces, you will also face a series of other enemies in the prologue missions that vary between the background of the different characters.

Will there be custom sounds?
Maybe, not sure though. I've been playing around with a few gun sounds but nothing of this is final or decided.

Will there also be cutsom cutscenes?
Not in first place, but I could imagine adding some, if I should ever get to know how.

Will there be new .DAT files?
Yes, there will be new .DATs for the ships and the frontend (help wanted!).

Will there also be custom emails and rewards
Yes, the project will feature many new custom emails. Custom rewards are planned as well.

OPT-related questions:

How many new OPTs will be in the campaign?
The project will feature around 45 new OPTs of all sorts - ships, stations and other objects.

What type of ships are avalible for the missions?
You'll get to fly a number of non-canon starfighters and also atmospheric vehicles like air-bikes. In the missions where you fly a starfighter, you'll be able to choose from a number of fighters like the Victory Mk2, the Piranha, the Dragonfly and the Viper. In a few missions you'll also get to fly Transports like the Black Scuropion or the Baracuda.

Will there be a custom hangar?
Yes, the project will feature a new hangar based on some images from the old comic.

Patch-related questions:

What (programs) do we need to install it?
The project will most probably come as an Installer, provided by Darksaber, so you won't need any other program to install it.

Will this mod be XWAU compatible and/or are XWAU craft required?
As stated above, the project will feature mostly custom OPTs. As of now, all rebel fighters are replaced by UPMF ones, so those will show up in the Hangar as well as allow some of the rotations to work. (Like the B-Wing's 90 wing rotation slot is required by the Victory Mk3). There are some 'stock' models that will make appearances in the Project. Installing them is not a necessity but I still recommend doing so for a better visual appeal.

How does this campaign affect other mods and custom files like Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack?
All or most OPTs in this project are custom, so you'll probably have to run it on a fresh install. Compatibility with most other large mods like the UCP, the TFTC or Abolisher's Asghard Campaign is rather improbable.

Will it be released as one patch or several files?
That needs to be decided. However, I'll release each ship separately so you can play around with them, but also include them all into a final patch to make sure it all works perfectly.

What files will be added, improved, deleted etc?
New OPT files(*.opt) and mission files(*.tie) will be added.
To make the whole campaign work properly a number of existing files will be edited:


For the missions to work the file MISSION.LST will be filled with new mission entries. Also the file EMAIL.TXT will get a general overhaul.
For both ships and missions to work properly the file STRINGS.TXT will be edited as well.
Also as stated above some existing ships might be replaced. Thanks to the project coming as installer, all files that are being changed will be backed up and are thus restored, when you deinstall the project. There's no plan to remove any files.

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