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The Cophuran Crisis

Seven years after the foundation of the United Planets, the galactic alliance faces its first real crisis. Under the rule of Dictator Pharas the Dhilani arrive at Bricera with the intention to capture and colonise the UPA's capital planet.

For the first time the alliance proofs its real worth, by successfully fighting off several invasion attempts. Under the command of Supreme Commander Vince Trageton the UPMF strike back against the Dhilani invaders and defeat their forces in a great great Battle for Bricera.

But the crisis is not yet over. In fact it has just begun. During the course of events, Lady Shiromy Vaylon has been kidnapped and held captive by the Dhilai. Trying to protect her from being captured, Admiral Tarlon Cervis is killed. Enraged by these losses Overlord Jarris Vaylon leads a crusade against the Dilani homeworld Dhilon itself to rescue Lady Shiromy and avenge his close friend's death. Without their great fleet the Dhilani themselves now face a deadly threat since the Briceran Overlord seems to be driven by an unknown force and - obviously no longer in control of himself - intends to wipe out the entire Dhilani race, an act that won't stay unnoticed.