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Planet Bricera

System: Hedrec
Population: mixed, mainly human
Associated with: United Planets
Major cities: Bricera City, Brigon, Cardina City
Climate: moderate, warm
Nature: Grassland, high plateaus, forests, mountains

Bricera is a medium sized planet in the Hedrec-System. Itís the political Center of the United Planets and homeworld to Overlord Jarris Vaylon.

Wide grassy plains, lakes and forests mark the landscape, while tall mountains and high plateaus give it a high profile. Several large metropoles are settled on the planet, many of them with more than five million inhabitants. The largest of them is Bricera-City, the planet's capital with over 25 million inhabitants. The huge metropole is settled on steep edge of a high plateau by the ocean.

Within millions of years erosion and strong volcanic activity have cut a complex cave system into high plateau. Huge domes with monumental pillars create an astounding image for tourists, while the volcanic environment of Mount Sorino attract all kinds of scientists.

Bricera has no moons. The two, it once had, were destroyed when colliding with each other and since then remain as a asteroid cluster around the planet

The capital of Bricera is a sparkling metropolis that reflects the planet's enormous wealth like no other. Skyscrapers with heights beyond 300 meters mark the skyline of downtown Bricera City. Resting on the seaside edge of the Mt. Sorino plateau the city has a scenic appeal.

Bricera City is the very heart of the United Planets bearring the political center in the tower of the great government palace, which overlooks the city and the surrounding lands and oceans.

Nothing mirrors the planet's wealth better than the white tower of Bricera. Resting on a rock before the shore of Sorino Island it by itself gives the impression of a monarch on his throne. While it may appear megalomaniac at first the gigantic building is merely a sole residence for the Briceran Ovelord, but rather an all-in-one complex, hosting cultural centers, residential space, commercial and office space, a military base and the chamber of the UPA Council as well. The part reserved for the Briceran Overlord is, although enormous by itself, comparably small in relation to the complete building.

With a height of over a mile, the government palace is the tallest building on the planet. While at daytime the white palace shines in the warm sun, at night its many thousands of lights turn it into a sparkling diamond. that could as well stand in for the lost moons of Bricera.

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