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Planet Chedalon

System: Hedrec
Population: Chedalonian
Associated with: United Planets
Major cities: Traquia, Delanos, Eldan
Climate: warm, tropical
Nature: rain forests, wild grasslands

This wam planet is mostly covered by tropical rain forests. Its climatic conditions create a large variaty of life forms of all kinds spreading over the planet's both continents. Most cities are located on the larger continent, while the other one is a protected nature reservat. Delanos, with 4 million inhabitants, is the planet's capitol and location of the chedalonian senate.

Before the chedalonian civil war, the planet was governed with most of the population suffering under a cruel dictatorship for almost 200 years, until a group of freedom fighters gathered and led a rebellion against the government. With their headquaters hidden within the jungles of the smaller continent they were hard to find and finally succeded in this war. Since then Chedalon is a democratic organized republic.

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