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Planet Cophuran

System: Cophura
Population: mainly Cophuranee
Associated with: United Planets
Major cities: Traquia, Cophura City
Climate: cool, moderate, warm
Nature: large tropical beaches, imposant mountains, forests

Cophuran is an upper medium sized planet in the Cophura system. Throughout the galaxy itís got the reputation as the high-tech world, pushing forward modern standards. All major cities are constructed as huge domes with an entire ecosystem of its own. Due to these closed circles, the planetís natural environment could be kept untouched.

Huge forests and monumntal highlands cover a large part of the planetís northern and southern hemispheres, while large white tropical beaches in shallow turquoise oceans in the wide equatorial regions make a great living paradise for those who can afford it.

Traquia, the planet's sparkling capitol, is probably the most fascinating place on the entire planet. Partly under, partly on solid ground it was an eye catcher for everyone, until the Dhilani attacked Cophuran. Under the attack a great part of Traquia was destroyed and burried under the sea.

In the later history of the planet, the remaining part underwater conplexes that had been left mostly undamaged became a temporary base of operations for Vince Trageton and his Alliance against UPMF Dictator Phlic Aelhoc.

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