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Planet Corbidia

System: Sinix
Population: Corbidians
Associated with: United Planets
Major cities: Cave dome of Vecina
Climate: dry, cold
Nature: rocky, mineral caves

Corbidia is a mostly covered by stone and water. A cold desolete world which however developed a great amount of reptilian life. The Corbidian cities are built as large complexes in huge cave systems that are partially connected to each other.

Close to the edge of the charted territories and mostly independant it's not a very attractive place for trading or any other sort of interaction with the rest of the galaxy. Never the less it's an active member of the UPA territory.

Both day and night don't really differ from each other as the black minerals and the thin atmosphere make the day side stay just as dark as the nightside. However, regarded from space one can whitness a fascinating phenomenon, as the sunlight makes the dayside phosphorize and glow.