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Planet Dhilon

System: Dhlerot
Population: Dhilani
Associated with: Dhilani Empire
Major cities: Dhalarona Prime
Climate: Hot, dry
Nature: Rocky, desert

Dhilon is a fairly large planet located within the mostly uncharted eastern rim of the galaxy. Due to its seclusion there is only little information about it. The planet is hot and desolated, mostly maked by naked rock landscapes with deep canyons and chasms. Most life forms, so it is supposed are reptiles.

Within millions of years of evolution, one of these reptile species has evolved and has become a dominant race of the planet. the Dhilani. Organized as nomadic clans they wereat war with each other for long time. Within hundreds of years these clans allied with each other until there were two fronts, who fought each other for more than three centuries, finally meeting in a final battle. Although there were devastating losses on both sides, the battle ended as a draw with only a few hundred thousand Dhilani left. Realising this the leaders of both sides met and signed a peace treaty that would declare the entire Dhilani race as one people.

During the next nine hundred years the Dhilani developed a culture and a political system that was strictly organised and dictated. Developing modern technologies and exploiting space travel The Dhilani started to spread. At the beginning they settled on uninhabited worlds or dealed out treaties for peaceful coexistence with other species. But slowly the system grew more aggressive. Settlement turned into colonisation, colonisation turned into conquering. After hundred years the Dhilani had built up a mighty empire of conquered worlds.

The Hibrana Massacre

The Dhilani's glorious development found a sudden end, when they invaded the territory of the United Planets. For the first time they faced an opponent that was organised and well prepared for any acts of hostility. Their fall began with the devastating defeat in the Battle for Bricera and found its climax with the elimination of the Dhilani capitol, Dhalarona Prime.

The devastating strike with the SBCr Warrior's fusion cannon blasted a huge crater into the Hibrana Highland and turned Dhalarona Prime into graveyard for millions of Dhilani.

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