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Planet Hedrec

System: Hedrec
Population: Various
Associated with: neutral
Major cities: Heeba City
Climate: cool, moderate on the inside, hot on the surface
Nature: cave systems, huge grass plains on the inside, lava-oceans on the surface

This exotic planet is basically turned inside out. Anything living - plants, animals, intelligent life, civillization - is located in the inside of the hollow planet, while the surface is covered by an ocean of molten minerals and metals. Due to this appearence the planet has been confused with a sun for a long time.

Within the process of integration into the intergalacitcal community, the chasms that are the only way into the planet have been stabilized and isolated to grant safe spaceship passage. The planet has hardly any technical defenses, as its naturally hostile surface makes most attacks futile.

The planet had its greatest hour with the signing of the treaty that founded the United Planets.

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