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Planet Sinix

System: Sinix
Population: Sinicians, Corbidians
Associated with: United Planets
Major cities: Sinicy-Prime
Climate: Controlled in the orbital cities, dry, hot on the surface
Nature: none, desert

A giant planet that wanders in an 8-shaped loops around two suns. Originally uninhabited it has been colonised due to large resources of minerals and metals. However, its enourmous gravity forced the settlers to build their colonies in orbit of the planet. All cities are tied together and thus create a huge net surrounding the planet.

In order to protect this fragile construction against raids - given the value of the resourceful planet - the colonists have developed a large infrastructure of defense systems and military shipyards. Within the years Sinix, whose fleet has become a considerable force that is equal to those of Bricera or Cophuran, more or less got the role of a protector to the other less fortified planets in the system.