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The Black Scorpion

Length: 24 m
Shield Rating: 190/250 SBD
Hull Rating: 140/170 RU
Level 1:
- Quad DIP Cannons
- Dual EMP Cannons
Level 2:
- Quad Dhilani Energy Cannons
Warhead load: 2x16

Mryna Qhalic's private ship started its life as a stock BRX-750 Combat yacht, a present given to her by her father. A talented pilot and mechanic Mryna through time added countless upgrades to the Scorpion making it superior to any other vessel of its class.

Regarding the ship's history and development there are two upgrade levels to be distinguished:

Level 1 is a more general upgrade, similar to Vince Trageton's Barracuda. The ship has been fitted with a pair of fusion thrusters below the wings, as well as a overal weapons upgrade with missile launchers and forward DIP cannons.

Level 2 is a rather radical overhaul of the ship. After salvaging Dhilani technology, Mryna has been provided with a number of 'spare parsts' to upgrade her ship. The Scorpion level 2 features a complete engine replacement as well as a Dhilani upgrade to all forward weapons.