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BRX-700 Combat Yacht

Length: 24 m
Shield Rating: 160 SBD
Hull Rating: 140 RU
- Dual EMP cannons
- Quad DIP-Turret

The classic BRX-700 Combat yacht is one of the most popular multi-role light transports in the galaxy. Due to its robust construction, moderate speed and good protection it could be found in any area of public or private personal transporting for almost three decades.

Adding to this its technical flexibility and upgrade-friendliness have made it very popular for customization. Due to its popularity and with general technology advancing, manufacturer Shicon Dynamics have even produced and released many serial stock upgrades, instead of attempting to construct an equal successor.

By the end of the 2520's the BRX-700 is upgradable to pretty much any character of vessel - heavy fighter/bomber, personnel transport, armored freighter, etc. Rather famous or notorious examples for such modifications are Vince Trageton's Barracuda or Mryna Qhalic's Black Scorpion.