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GT-5000 Transport series

Length: 59 m
Shield Rating: 270 - 320 SBD
Hull Rating: 195 - 280 RU
- 2-3 medium Dual Laser Turrets
- 4-6 medium Plasma Blasters
- 2 Warhead Batteries

The GT-Series is ShiCon Dynamics’ entry into the medium transport class, a new line of state-of-the-art combat transports bridging the gap between yachts and corvettes. With about 60 meters in length this combat vehicle adapts the features, the speed and and combatability of the successful BRX-Yacht series while allowing for much larger space and cargo capacities.

As common with ShiCon designs, the stock variants offer numerous upgrade interfaces and options for customizations. In the case of the GT-Series the company itself has prefabricated numerous variants and module sets to serve various purposes, including weaponry and armor upgrades, special stealth plating, engine and flight performance upgrades and others.

Whereas the stock GT-5000 version is moderately armored and equipped with both offensive and defensive weaponry, numerous stock modifications were developed to further expand the transport’s capabilities into various directions such as speed, heavy combat and stealth. Thus three distinct types have emerged:

  • The GT-5000 Stock version
  • The GTS Nighthawk, very fast stealth ship
  • The GTX Corsair, designed on offensive combat

The GTS-5000 (or Nighthawk) is an aggressive looking design most distinguishable by its jet-black stealth plating with the glowing red edges. This modified version has been outfitted with a full quartet of additional thrusters, greatly increasing the ship’s speed.

The GTX-5000 (or Corsair) has been modified for the sole purpose of combat, fit with warhead launchers, two additional forward cannons and a third turret. To further increase the ship’s performance, a pair of additional engines and wings for stabilization has been added.

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