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Inferno II

Length: 881 m
Shield Rating: 2700 SBD
Hull Rating: 2200 RU
- 16 heavy dual DIP turrets(10 fore, 2 rear, 4 starboard)
- 20 light quad batteries

The Inferno Destroyer, also going by the term Inferno Cruiser is a medium sized destroyer that focusses on both broadside battle and Fleet escort as well as Frontal engagements on larger vessels. For this purpose it's fitted with a considerable number of heavy dual DIP turrets for frontal attack as well as a wide screen of light quad batteries covering the sides.

The two launch bays on the inferno's port side can hold to to three squadrons of fighters, while the starboard side is equipped with another four heavy turrets.

With medium top speed the Inferno is thus capable of both defensive as well as offensive tasks.