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Inferno II

Length: 1.07 km
Shield Rating: 7296 SBD
Hull Rating: 6800 RU
- 16 heavy Quad DIP Batteries (4 fore, 4 rear, 8 broadside)
- 40 Point defense cannons

The Inferno II started off as a unique ship, being the new flagship of former UPMF Supreme Commander Ray Firkis, after his prior ship, the Inferno, had been destroyed during the Battle over Khetaris in 2531.

This cruiser carried on with the successful broadside layout of its predecessor, while also expanding on the ground of armor improvements and forward/rear weaponry. Along with the general armor overhaul, the hangar bays have been moved away from their exposed lateral position into a ventral bay the Inferno II that offers far more protection from enemy fire.

Weapon-wise the Inferno II carries a large number of heavy quad DIP batteries that can each deliver more than twice the firepower of the old Inferno's large dual turrets. Also, while on the predecessor the numerous defensive weapon emplacements often suffered from their rather exposed placement, the Inferno II's flak batteries are integrated into the main hull, covered by heavy armor plating to allow a greater deal of security for both weapons and personnel.

Along with the Inferno II 3 more cruisers of this class were built in the first place. Two of these were eventually reported missing in action and were not cared about any further. Surprisingly, a few years later, eye-whitnesses claim to have spotted several Inferno II-class ships in a group of battleships under the banner of the Empire of the Seven Suns...