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XT-300 Piranha

Length: 9.8 m
Shield Rating: 60 SBD
Hull Rating: 40
- quad DIP Cannons
Warhead load: 8

This sleek looking ship is the fastest and most advanced stock fighter in ShiCon's XT-series. Size and weight have been reduced radically and new, advanced thrusters have been added. Further the Piranha features an improved warhead system allowing a higher refire rate compared to its predecessors. While its speed and combatability have been improved the weight and size reduction have yet demanded some privations in shield and armor strength. Still the result is a very fast and very well performing superiority / multirole fighter that can cope with any on any possible situation.

Despite its overall superiority it took the Piranha a lot of time to become established due to its high costs and the popularity of the legendary Victory Fighter. Originally introduced as an advanced reconnaissance fighter and interceptor it eventually became an additional force for special assignments.