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spearhead-Class Frigate

Length: 320 m
Shield Rating: 670 SBD
Hull Rating: 420 RU
- 6 medium Quad Turrets
- 1 heavy Fusion Cannon

The exotic Spearhead is a revolutionary concept that takes the powerful fusion cannon from its so far massive battleship mount onto a small and more agile frigate-type ship. With moderate defensive weaponry the Spearhead is designed for long range strikes with its massive primary gun. Therefore it mostly has to rely on fighter cover and the support of the fleet's escort ships.

Spearhead frigates are often used in wolfpack flotillas to 'hunt' for enemy fleets. Since the firing rate of their primary weapons is rather low usually one part of the group fires its blasts to cut a breach into enemy lines, while the others then use this breach to attack their main targets.