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Traquia-Class Supreme Battleship

Length: 13.8 km
Shield Rating: 99,000 SBD
Hull Rating: 91,800 RU
- 6 Fusion Cannons
- 4 Omega Arrays
- 84 heavy Quad DIP Batteries
- 220 heavy Tripple DIP Batteries
- 310 Medium DIP Batteries

The Empire of the Seven Sun's massive flagship carries the designation 'Supreme Battleship' and that with good reason. Almost three times the size of the already legendary Warrior-class Battle Cruiser the Traquia exceeds its predecessor in practically any possible way.

Armament-wise the Traquia has upped the bar for modern weapons technology. While the number of 'normal' weapon emplacements by itself may appear close to infinite the Traquia also introduces the ESS' newly developed Omega array technology along with a full six fusion cannons.

Despite all its firepower the Traquia mainly acts as a command ship and safe harbour. Large hangar bays and docking nexuses offer space for countless vessels even up to frigate-sized capital ships, while approaching enemies are kept well at safe distance by the Traquia’s various long range weapons.

Construction of the Traquia started in 2536 UPT and was completed in late 2539. The Traquia finally entered service as the ESS’ new flagship in early 2540, after its predecessor, SBCR Warrior had been lethally damaged during the Battle of Adminis and had to be abandoned. Since then the ‘Sword of the Stars’, as some call it, is the ultimate symbol of the Empire’s quick ascension and flourish as well as its unbendable will and resolve to strike back at any aggressor.