The grand Blue Phantom Overhaul has begun!

Wait what? What's going on? What's with the site? WHere are the ships? What are you doing?

ok, about all that ... It's been quiet about this project for quite a while. No new releases - neither here nor on the Main VXHQ site. Still I haven't been all lazy and inactive. I've been somewhat active building or recreating my ships for the Game Space Engineers, they are currently available in the Steam Workshop In the process of doing so I have stumbled over quite a few design flaws or logical issues related to individual ones. ALso I've been doing a lot of thinking with regards to the general TBP lore, going as far as to question the name "The Blue Phantom" alltogether.

So right now, I'm putting all this down into written form, bit by bit. This general overhaul may have varying effects on certain elements of this universe, its ships, characters, locationis and even history itself. For example a ship may receive a different name, stats or background information. In some cases I might also rescale it, change its looks or redesign it alltogether, in some rare cases a ship might be taken out completely or "replaced" with something different.

For the time being, I've locked down the various info pages safe for the Download page and disclaimer. I'm also in the process of redesigning the website to give this reimagination a fresh new look.

How long will this take? Heh you got me! Can't say! I have tons of info to put down and that's not even touching the models themselves. I'll partially unlock sections, as soon as I deem them presentable.